Makki Cosmetics is pleased to introduce DRULA® Natural Beauty Products & Skin Care Products made from plants and fruit extracts. 


About Drula

 In 1925 the chemist and pharmacist Dr. O. Druckrey created his idea of DRULA“. The company started in a pharmacy’s laboratory, just like other well-known companies e. g. Merck and Schering. In 1953 a new production plant was built in Soest and Drula business moved to Soest in West Germany. The DRULA preparations have been developed continuously by Dr. O. Druckrey in the 1960s. Under his management particularly „DRULA BLEACHING WAX“ reached international importance.

In the last thirty years the range of DRULA preparations grew more and more to help more people to have a lovely skin. In 1990 the growing international demand of our products made it necessary to enlarge our plant in Soest. The new General manager Dr. H. Heidel built a new Research & Development department, new production lines and a logistic centre to fulfil DRULA’s goal to offer modern and best quality products to our costumers all over the world.

The DRULA trademark shall get a more worldwide popularity by new ideas.

Makki Cosmetics is proud to be DRULA's exclusive agent for the UK & Ireland.