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    Skin Care by Drula ®

Makki Cosmetics is pleased to introduce DRULA® Natural Beauty Products & Skin Care Products made from plants and fruit extracts. 

If you are seeking a more lovely skin, one that is free of blemishes, discolorations, freckles, age spots, a skin that is soft with even colour, a more radiant, soft, smooth and youthful looking skin, free of roughness, fine lines, wrinkles and flabby skin then a daily regime using Drula® skin care product range is just for you. Look no further!

Drula® skin care cosmetics beauty products come in various product categories ranging from skin cleansers, skin lighteners, skin revitalizers, anti-ageing creams, sun screen protection, , as well as products specially formulated for sensitive skin and for dry skin.

Drula® skin care products for men and women are made from the finest plant extracts and natural ingredients. Drula® has been well known worldwide for over 50 years and been awarded numerous medals and awards for it’s exceptional quality skin care product

Drula Bleaching Wax

Drula Bleaching Wax

DRULA Bleaching * well-known for more than 50 years
* genuine only with Ephelidin *


The problem

Dark discolorations of the skin are caused by an increase in the amount of melanin pigment in the skin.  It can be hereditary as in freckles or liver spots or develop with increased age as in age spots.  It can be related to pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptive as in melasma also called mask of pregnancy.  These harmless pigment irregularities usually develop gradually and become markedly after sun exposure.  They are often very obstinate and worrying.  For people suffering from this hyper-pigmentation it is frequently an emotional burden.

People wishing to have lighter complexion

Complexion Beauty Soap

Complexion Beauty Soap

The mild SKIN CLEANSING for a pure and healthy skin.

-made of vegetal oils with Vitamin E-


Drula Complexion Soap SUPPORTS THE TREATMENT OF SKIN IMPURITIES LIKE PIMPLES, BLACKHEADS AND ECZEMAS. To support the treatment with Drula Bleaching Wax and Drula Creams.

Drula Complexion Soap is a mild skin cleansing while preserving the protective layer of the skin. Improves blood circulation of the skin. PREVENTS AND REDUCES SKIN IMPURITIES LIKE PIMPLES, BLACKHEADS AND ECZEMAS. REDUCES DISCOLOURATION, LIGHTENING BOTH SKIN AND NIPPLES. SKIN FEELS SMOOTH AND SOFT WITH A PURE AND HEALTHY GLOW.

Active ingredients are Vitamin E, pigments: titanium dioxide, bismuthoxychloride, palm oil, coconut oil. NO PRESERVATIVES.

Special Intensive Anti Ageing

Special Intensive Anti Ageing

Anti-Ageing Cream against age spots and flabby skin

With an unique complex of fruit acids and plant extracts your skin gets a new appearance. While the fruit acids provide for a fresher and smoother skin, the plant extracts, as mulberry extract, reduce even obstinate age spots. Also Panthenol and Vitamin E are contained to activate cell regeneration und leave your skin looking bright and healthy.

Drula Vital  Lightening Cream

Drula Vital Lightening Cream

A light cream with high lightening / whitening effect. With new active substance complex based on plant extracts and fruit acids. The most effective for skin lightening, freckles and spots.

Drula Serum Extra Intensive

Drula Serum Extra Intensive

Skin Lightening Serum
The most efficient lightening fluid for skin lightening and against dark spots. Contains high potent whitening complex from plant extracts and is intensified with both Alpha and Beta hydroxy fruits acids.

Drula Pigment Anti Vitiligo

Drula Pigment Anti Vitiligo

This cream helps to moderate the differences between dark and light skin in case of depigmentations (vitiligo-like). It is a special combination of a pearl-gloss pigment and a self-tanning substance to give the skin a smooth and uniform tan.


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