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Sunless Tanning and Bronzing

What is Egypt-Wonder?

This is a product for all those who wish

to look relaxed, tanned, healthy

and successful in a matter of seconds.

  • A product for ladies and gentleman.
  • A product for every skin type.
  • At the same time Egypt-Wonder takes care of your skin.

Important Egypt-Wonder can only be obtained in one shade. This gives you the guarantee that you will maintain your own personal tan by using Egypt-Wonder

Egypt Wonder - a cosmetic line specially formulated to give everyone a radiant and sun kissed look. The strictly natural formula features a single shade that blends seamlessly with every skin type and fits to each individual's natural complexion. Egypt Wonder oxidizes on the skin to bronze glow giving you the certainty to achieve a natural looking suntan all your own.

Egypt Wonder sets you in control: only the application quantity decides about the intensity of your suntan. The amazing Egypt Wonder cosmetic line is time-tested and proven effective by millions of customers.

Discover a radiant and luminous look with Egypt Wonder!

Each product may be used alone in combination with other Egypt Wonder cosmetics to create your individual radiant look without the damaging rays of the sun!


Egypt-Wonder Earthpot

Egypt-Wonder Earthpot

A loose, micro-pilled powder for a radiant, bronzed blush glow.

Our specially formulated powder is packaged in an exclusive decorative clay pot. Earthpot contains the pearled "Natural Earth"colour with a delicate touch of blushed shimmer. 

 Application: Earthpot looks gorgeous on bare skin as a blushed highlight, over foundation, or in combination with other Egypt Wonder cosmetics.

Compact Bronzers

Compact Bronzers

The Egypt-Wonder earth is also available in Compact form. The Compact is very practical when one is out and about.

The Egypt-Wonder compact form is available in Pearl Formula and in Sport Formula (Matt) .

The Egypt-Wonder Compact Set contains a very attractive powder-box containing the pressed earth and a retractable brush. The powder box and brush are protected in an elegant pouch. Each Egypt-Wonder Compact product is also available without the brush - Compact Single.

Pearl Compact This unique youth-enhancing creation makes fair to light skin look ultra healthy and delicately sun-kissed while providing amazing coverage. Its special formulation oxidizes on skin allowing it to blend seamlessly and compliment all complexions.

Sport Compact (Matte formula) Egypt-Wonder Sport powder gives a very natural looking tan colour! This special Matte ?Natural Earth? shade blends invisibly on the skin to create subtle, natural, sun-kissed perfection! Ideal for light to medium skin tones.

Compact Bronzers DUO (Matt)

Compact Bronzers DUO (Matt)

Two shades of Matt are provided. Allows subtle colour blending

The Egypt-Wonder Duo is one half Sport shade and one half Deep earth shade for an amazingly complete tan/contour combination. Get total coverage with the Sport shade then sculpt face to flawless perfection with the Deep Earth.

Our Matt customers love the delicate colour but at times would like an extra shading possibility. The DUO now gives this flexibility.

Egypt-Wonder Liquid

Egypt-Wonder Liquid

Wash off Formula

A bronzing liquid for a natural looking instant tan. This Liquid is a wash off instant tan.

Egypt-Wonder Liquid gives you a natural looking tan without waiting. It is specially formulated with carrot and nut extracts enriched with vitamin E.This product is a wash off formula. Egypt Wonder Quicktan is the wear off formula.

Application: Easy to apply with the powder puff provided. apply to the face area and into the hair line. Also, of course the liquid is perfect for the arms, legs, décolleté and body area Remove Egypt-Wonder liquid simply by soap and water or with any cleansing lotion.

Egypt-Wonder QUICKTAN

Egypt-Wonder QUICKTAN

Wear off Formula

A revolutionary self-tanner with skin moisturisers. Dries instantly, easy to apply, odour free, and produces a natural tan.

Egypt-Wonder so well respected and loved by its customers have now introduced a self-tanning liquid called QUICKTAN to compliment the existing Egypt-Wonder Liquid. Quicktan sheer tint provides an immediate tan colour upon application while the lasting tan develops further over a two-hour time period. Quicktan is a "wear off" liquid tan, lasting up to 7 days . Usually a second application produces a golden tan effect.

Application: The velvety-soft application mitten ( now replacing the pad ) ensures even coverage.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever

GOLD FEVER, a cutting edge fashion with 23.75 carat gold. Gold trend is coming soon, be the first to emrace it with two great products: Temporary Gold Tattoos to add an extra touch of glamour, and Gold Gel with gold particles eminating golden shimmer while rejuvenating the skin with its precious ingredients.

Creamy QUICKTAN Touch

Creamy QUICKTAN Touch

Quicktan TOUCH

a creamy moisture lotion with a touch of Quicktan.

Tan as you moisturise!

Egypt-Wonder Quicktan TOUCH is a moisturising crème which also provides a gradual tan.

As the product does not contain mineral oils?only natural oils, such as Jojoba, olive and avocado oil, plus shea butter and silk, means you skin is best cared for.

Egypt-Wonder helps maintain your summer look longer!



Egypt-Wonder Quicktan Travel Kit

All your tanning in one travel set.

The Travel Kit is an ideal present to yourself! All your tanning in a kit. It also makes a wonderful present to someone else, if you can give your tanning secrets away!

Egypt Wonder Travel Kit contains all you need for safe tanning. The small plastic bottle in the set allows you travel, bringing your Quicktan with you, as the bottle won't break. The value of all the contents of the Travel Kit over the individual products is a saving of 20%.

Day + Night Lipstick

Day + Night Lipstick

Discover the lip colour of your individuality with

EGYPT WONDER's "Day + Night Lipstick"


Only ONE COLOUR => 100 shades

When you apply it to your lips, the shade that turns out is your own individual and fitting colour, it will not be the same when someone else applies it to their lips, it is the colour of your own chemistry.

This is the "Thinking Lipstick"!

It is the colour that fits your tone.

Powder Box with Sieve

Powder Box with Sieve

Accessory for the Earth Pot

Makes use of the Earth Pot easier when travelling

The sieve in this empty compact is specially designed for your use of the Earth Pot. It is best to keep the Earth Pot at home and use the compact with sieve when out and about. Many Egypt-Wonder customers love the Earth Pot in preference to the Compact Earth. They like the final finish of the loose earth in the pot. Now, it is easy to bring your healthy look with you, without fear of breaking the Earth Pot, which is maybe best kept on the dressing table!

Egypt Wonder Makeup

Egypt Wonder Makeup

The make-up fluid of the brand EGYPT-WONDER gives the complexion a youthful, smooth and soft complexion and this can be seen and felt after only one application.

Cosmetic & Tanning Mitt

Cosmetic & Tanning Mitt

For EGYPT-WONDER liquid and other liquid cosmetics. Allows you to kepp your hands and nails clean while using the lotions. no more yellow or orange stains or other discolorations, thanks to a special lining.

Egypt Wonder Kajal

Egypt Wonder Kajal

Cleopatra already knew the mysterious power of Kajal which makes the eyes look larger, brighter with added shine. This Kajal provides good coverage with only one stroke on the inner lid.

No mineral oil, contains vitamin E. No Preservatives

Big and Black

Big and Black

Egypt Wonder BIG & BLACK


for compact and liquid make-up

..and especially for all Egypt-Wonder products.

Special feature : using a scissor you can cut it to create 2 or more sponges according to your own need -create your own shape!.

Washable at 30 Degree C


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